Solafina Fabrics

The Solafina Difference


Our Fabric Collections Incorporate the Following Elements

Natural and Sustainable Fibers
Includes Raw Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Jute, Ramie, Flax/Cotton Blends, Viscose Bamboo, Wool and Raw Silk.

Recycled Fibers
Includes both Post Consumer and Post Industrial fibers reclaimed from textile yarn, fabric, and garment waste streams.

Earth-Friendly Color
The majority of Solafina® fabrics derive their color and hue from the unique and inherent tones of natural fiber. When color is needed, our designers specify the use of low-impact, reduced or metal-free dye components to assure minimal effect on the environment and water resources.

Fabric Finishing
Most Solafina® fabrics are sold in Ecru or Loomstate form with no post-treatment required or necessary. This can be done since we avoid the use of chemical overspray or additives to enhance spinning or weaving performance. When finishing is needed, we use only pure water and mild soap to achieve desired hand and appearance. When backing is required, we use a specially formulated latex compound containing less than 1% inorganic solids.

Solafina® fabrics are tested to assure compliance with established industry standards. We also offer the option of our proprietary SMOOTHSTONE finish which serves as a soil-stain repellent and abrasion enhancer. Contact your Solafina® representative for more detail.

Made in the U.S.A.
Solafina® upholstery fabrics are designed and created in the United States by skilled textile artisans. We offer both open-line and custom design options for our customers. Contact us by email at to arrange a fabric showing or to request memo samples.

Cut Yardage
Selected styles are available on a Cut Yardage basis for those customer needing less than full piece quantities. Minimum order requirement is 5 yards with fabric kept in stock for prompt shipment.