Solafina Fabrics

Solafina® Fabrics is pleased to introduce Smoothstone™

Solafina® Fabrics is pleased to introduce Smoothstone™ a proprietary fabric finish
developed specifically for use in more demanding home furnishings end-use applications.

After extensive independent laboratory testing, we have verified numerous performance
properties unique to the Smoothstone™ finish:

  • Enhanced abrasion performance
  • Enhanced soil and stain repellency / release (AATCC Test Method 130-2000)
  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial resistance
  • Water repellent
  • Does not alter fabric hand or fabric color
  • Excellent wash durability
  • Easily cleaned with light brushing, warm water (105° F) and mild soap (Ivory Snow)

Smoothstone™ offers an affordable, high-performance option to other enhanced commercial
finishes available in the marketplace today.

We hope you’ll give Smoothstone™ a try and look forward to hearing from you. For more
information or to answer any technical questions please contact us at 828-381- 6125 or